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If you or anyone you know is looking to make a donation to camp,

here are some items we require.

I am always looking for old pictures and camp memorabilia to add the camp archives.   

1 Stethoscope

4 Rainbow Loom Kits

Knitting needles – different sizes

2 Power wheelchair soccer ball

1 New parachute

1 New giant soccer ball

1 indoor Boccia Set

14 power wheelchair hockey sticks

4 Round cake pans, 2 cookie sheets, measuring spoons

2 new archery bows

4 Flutter boards

4 buoys for sailing

2 new Mec tents – MEC Camper 4 Tent

5 dry bags 10L 

5 dry bags 20L

1 Mechanical Lift

10 quick drying towels for out-trips

New parachute 


Giant soccer ball

4 - Shade canopies


Costumes - various sizes 


Canoe Paddles - various sizes

Life jackets - various sizes


Small attends covers for the pool

New linen: single sheets:  (fitted & flat), pillow cases, washable blankets, towels 

2 New Tandem Kayaks 

New set of sailing docks for the additional boats

 New furniture for the dining hall: 35 – 4’ round tables, 180 stacking chairs, 12 rectangle folding leg tables 

New steel roof for the Lodge - $25,000